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Can I send gifts to someone other than myself?

If you would like to send a gift directly to the recipient, you can select ‘Deliver to different address’ option and enter the name and address of the recipient upon Checkout page.

I have made a mistake with my order, can I change / cancel my order?

Please contact me as quickly as possible, if your order has not entered production we will do everything we can to support your request.

Is it possible to fast track my order??

Due to the handcrafted nature of the product you have purchased, we are unable to speed up the process of production, please use the guideline estimated dispatch date provided at the time of purchase as a dispatch indication.

Delivery FAQs

Why hasn't my gift arrived yet?

All our gifts are dispatched in line with the dispatch times contained on each product page (please note – all dispatch times quoted on our website are estimated). Once the gifts have been dispatched, we are unable to control the delivery process. If your order has been dispatched and the estimated delivery date has passed, we recommend that you ask your local sorting office if they've tried to deliver it, or check with your neighbours to find out whether the package has been left with them. If you still have not received your item we will do whatever we can to try and rectify any problems caused by the delayed delivery.

Will I be notified when my order has been dispatched?

Yes, the moment your order has been completed, quality checked and shipped – we willnotify you by email.

Who do you ship orders out with?

We ship with Royal Mail